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  • 939.1 million passengers were transported by the entire Wiener Linien in 2015.
  • Of these, 440 million per year were carried by the subway.
  • In total, more than 260,000 people can be accommodated in the vehicles (subway, streetcar and bus) of Wiener Linien at the same time.
  • The subways, streetcars and buses covered a total of 74 million kilometers in 2013. That means they circled the globe 5 times a day.
  • So that the Viennese get from A to B as quickly as possible, 154 subway trains make sure of that.
  • Up to 25,000 people have to be transported from the stadium station within a few hours after a soccer match at the Ernst-Happel-Stadion.
  • The longest distance between two stops on the Vienna subway is 1,555 meters and is located on the U4 line between the Heiligenstadt and Spittelau stations.
  • The shortest distance between stations in the entire subway network is that on the U2 line between the Volkstheater and Museumsquartier stations, at only 350 meters.
  • At only 142 meters above sea level, nothing in the subway network is lower than the U1 platform at Schwedenplatz.
  • Measured from the surface to the platform, the U1 station Karlsplatz, at 25 meters, is the deepest subway station to date. The new U2 station Neubaugasse will have its platform at a depth of 37 meters.
  • The western terminus of the U3 in Ottakring is the highest place in Vienna reached by the subway. It is 227 meters above sea level.
  • The deepest elevator shaft can be found at Westbahnhof. It is 22.25 meters deep and leads from the U3 platform to Gerstnerstraße.
  • In Vienna’s subway network, a total of 346 escalators help passengers comfortably negotiate heights.
  • The station with the most exits and escalators is the Karlsplatz interchange. There are 26 escalators installed here.
  • Escalators in Wiener Linien stations move at a speed of 2.34 km/h.
  • The energy generated during braking is fed into the overhead line network at Wiener Linien. 30 to 35 percent is fed back into the subway system.
  • In recent years, 12,400 LED lamps have been used instead of the old fluorescent tubes (savings: 830,000 kWh/year = consumption of approx. 240 Viennese households).
  • The yellow safety lines in Vienna’s subway stations have a length of 23,920 meters.
  • One meter of subway rail weighs 50 kg.
  • A tunnel boring machine, such as the one that could be used to build the new U5, can do up to 20 meters a day.
  • Fire protection is important, which is why Wiener Linien is well stocked with fire extinguishers: 5,969. They are located in stations, subways, streetcars,…
  • Angela Schneider, the voice of Wiener Linien, has recorded over 4,780 announcements.
  • 14,000 loudspeakers provide fast passenger information in the Wiener Linien.
  • 143,000 people took part in the vote for the line color of the new U5.
  • Every night, more than 50 different jobs – from track grinding to electrical repairs to structural inspections – are carried out on the subway network alone.

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