• Structuring the planning documents
  • Drawing up a time schedule (network plan) and construction progress plan
  • Investigation of access roads (width, radius of curves, bearing capacity, longitudinal inclination)
  • Solving the question of storage space
  • Solving the question of quarters
  • Installations for construction site (water, electricity, telephone, etc.)
  • For above-ground works:
    • Clarification of side removal in case of mass demand or landfill in case of mass surplus
    • Clearance of the construction site (clearing, felling of trees, rootstocks, demolition, disposal, existing pipelines)
    • Ecological protection works (trees, biotopes, amphibians etc.)
  • Condition of aggregates (gravel, sand, crushed stone) and other construction materials (bitumen, cement, etc.)
  • Staking out the axis
  • Establishment of the construction site

Preparation of the construction by the contractor

Starting point: approved detailed project (EIA, official procedure)

  • Securing of financing (budget)
  • redemption/expropriation of the required plots of land
  • Tendering of the construction lot
  • Determination of the best bidder
  • Award of contract to the best bidding construction company
  • Determination of the personnel for the construction supervision on the client’s side

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