The so-called General Project involves the detailed inspection and planning of the intended route and its stations. Building on Wiener Linien’s network analysis, MA 18, the municipal department responsible for urban planning and development, prepares the General Project.

The General Project includes an inspection of the ground and the tunnelling methods chosen.

A proposal to adapt the rest of the public transport network is also developed, with the consequences for road, bicycle and corresponding improvement measures decided upon.

The Construction Management department of the Wiener Linien then executes the project, dealing with everything from submitting plans, tendering and preparing detailed drawings to the actual construction work itself.

Measures for pedestrians and cyclists

There will be more space for pedestrians and cyclists on the new “strolling miles.”

The sidewalks of these “pedestrian highways” will be at least two meters wide. Information boards will help with orientation and explain points of interest along the routes.

Two such routes through the city are to be implemented by 2018: one from Reumannplatz via the city center to the WU campus and one from Kutschkermarkt in Währing to Naschmarkt.

Measures in the bus and streetcar network

Donaustadt is the fastest growing district in Vienna.

The new U2 line with its terminus at Seestadt now connects the outskirts of Vienna with the city center in 30 minutes.

At the same time, the bus and streetcar network has been adapted to the new traffic situation: Line 26 runs from Kagraner Platz on a new route almost five kilometers long to the Hausfeldstraße subway station.

Six new bus lines also provide efficient feeder services to the subway.

A mobility app for perfect route planning

More and more people are combining different modes of transport to cover their daily journeys.

Wiener Linien is continuously working on the further development of the Wien Mobil app, which enables route planning with different means of transportation: for example, the combination of rental bicycle, subway and car sharing.

For this purpose, the costs and environmental friendliness of the selected means of transport are determined.

It is also possible to book reservations or buy tickets directly via this app.

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